Adblocking and privacy: with AdBlock Suite.

AdBlock Suite not only blocks annoying ads on all websites for you,
our premium version finally gives you privacy while surfing with VPN.


AdBlock Suite Free
  • Blocks advertising on websites
  • Blocks pop-ups, pop-unders and banners
  • Blocks malware downloads


AdBlock Suite and NordVPN
  • Includes NordVPN® at no additional charge
  • Advanced tracker and cookie blocking
  • Annoyance and social widget blocking
AdBlock Suite Free

Your adblocker for all websites!

Block ads on websites
  • No advertising on all websites
  • Blocks pop-ups and annoying banners
  • No delay when loading websites
  • Only the content you want to see
  • Enjoy YouTube™ without annoying ads
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AdBlock Suite Premium

AdBlock Suite Premium with NordVPN® – your extra protective shield online!

AdBlock Suite Premium with NordVPN

Security online with AdBlock Suite Premium and NordVPN®.

From the very first click, all your online activities leave a trace on the web. You're flooded with ads, pop-ups, and other dubious content, while cyber criminals are hunting after your data. But you can fight back!
  • Block what bothers you: advertisements, trackers, widgets, etc.
  • Surf safer: anonymous, encrypted, without censorship
  • Protect yourself from threats: malware, viruses and hackers

Only the best for you: NordVPN®

We have the best VPN partner in the universe: NordVPN®.

The fastest VPN in the world! Confirmed by the latest speed tests.
  • Secure up to 6 devices at the same time on all the key platforms (computer, smartphone, tablet)
  • Stay anonymous. Change your IP address and location
  • Choose from over 5,200 servers in 60 countries
  • Double VPN, disruption-free streaming, kill switch and more

One of the most popular adblockers in the world.

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AdBlock Suite makes the Internet safe.

AdBlock Suite and NordVPN
Pure surfing
without ads and
Absolute privacy
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